Carbon Desktop Spotlight: February 2020

Spotlight: Arla, Hollandtown

This month we are pleased to be reporting on the work of Noemi Guzman, Kevin Pelky and the engineering team at Arla Hollandtown.

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: January 2020

Spotlight: Arla, Lockerbie

We start the new year with the high-value optimisation work that continues with Mark Panczak’s LCO team at Arla Lockerbie.

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: October 2019

Spotlight: Saputo, Davidstow

This month we are pleased to be sharing the work of Kurt Foy and Neil Duthie at Saputo Dairy UK’s site in Davidstow.

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: September 2019

Spotlight: Kettleby Foods, Melton Mowbray

This month we are pleased to be showcasing the work of Allen Oswin and Ron Williamson at Samworth Kettleby Foods.

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: July 2019

Spotlight: Bakkavor, Spalding

This month we are pleased to highlight the work of Andrea Watt, the Site Engineering Compliance Manager at Bakkavor Spalding site.

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: June 2019

Spotlight: Danish Crown, Bugle

This month we would like to report on the fantastic success of Danish Crown’s site in Bugle.

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: May 2019

Spotlight: Dairy Crest, Derby

This month we would like to offer congratulations to the team at Dairy Crest, Kirkby.

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: April 2019

Spotlight: Arla, Lockerbie

This month we are showcasing the results achieved at the Arla Lockerbie site.

Spotlight: Tulip, Bromborough – Carbon Desktop

Spotlight: Tulip, Bromborough

This month we are showcasing the great work of Anthony Thomason, who works at Tulip, Bromborough.

Spotlight: JCB, Rocester – Carbon Desktop

Spotlight: JCB, Rocester

This month we are showcasing the work of Dan Hothersall, a Hydraulics Engineer at JCB Research, located at the World headquarters of JCB.

Spotlight: PZ Cussons, Manchester – Carbon Desktop

Spotlight: PZ Cussons, Tangerang

Our first ‘Spotlight’ of the year goes to Gatot Wahyudi and Wawan Kurniawan at PZ Cussons.

Spotlight: Clawson, Long Clawson – Carbon Desktop

Spotlight: Clawson, Long Clawson

This month we are showcasing the work of Scott Browitt, the Site Engineering Business Improvement Manager at Long Clawson Dairy Ltd.

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