The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ is our monthly showcase of the great projects being completed by our Carbon Desktop users.

This month we are showcasing the results achieved at the Arla Lockerbie site.

Throughout 2017 to 2019, Verco have been working closely with the PTD team at Arla Lockerbie, now led by Sean Redpath, to identify and realise energy savings. The installation of sub-metering in 2017, the use of Carbon Desktop and Verco’s on-site support days have been the key drivers for Arla to identify and quantify the impact of site interventions to energy savings.

One example of this collaboration has been the identification of excess standby gas usage. Upon Verco’s recommendation and site due diligence, Arla Lockerbie are now taking an action to isolate a standby boiler and use more efficient assets, which will save in excess of £50k/y.

Any deviations or improvements in performance are constantly tracked through sub-metering. Regular Verco site attendance and feedback with the PTD team creates a dynamic action list where opportunities are prioritised and actioned upon. More recently, a site ESOS audit revealed significant potential savings in process and technology, including improvements in the effluent plant and site refrigeration systems. Verco are also currently installing an effluent monitoring system on site to track and minimise product loss and optimise effluent treatment operations.

The journey of Arla Lockerbie is a clear demonstration of the benefits that can be made through using Carbon Desktop and Verco’s expertise in conjunction with a dedicated and committed site team!

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