The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ is our monthly showcase of the impressive projects being completed by our Carbon Desktop users. 

We start the new year with the high-value optimisation work that continues with Mark Panczak’s LCO team at Arla Lockerbie.

Identifying and benchmarking opportunity

In April 2019 we reported on the success of Arla Lockerbie’s action in enabling the shutdown of a standby gas boiler to save ca. £50k/year on fuel.  Continuing to work closely with the LCO team and the effluent plant operators, Verco has identified a large potential benefit from the optimisation of the effluent blowers.  Carbon Desktop has allowed Arla Lockerbie to identify and benchmark the cost of running the effluent blowers, then prioritise action to reduce consumption.

Identifying savings

Collaboration with the site team has identified potential savings from optimising how the effluent blowers were run, the dissolved oxygen probe locations and setpoints.  Arla Lockerbie engineers worked with the effluent plant operators to optimise the setup of the system and reduce dissolved oxygen setpoints while at the same time ensuring minimum risk to compliance.  Additional actions such as leak identification and rectification, as well as motor maintenance all contribute to the savings verified to date.  Carbon Desktop helps track the impressive results- a steady drop in electrical consumption in the Effluent Treatment Plant from ca. 130 MWh/month to ca. 100 MWh/month, equating to annual savings of >£40k.

Taking fast action

Regular Verco site attendance and feedback with the LCO team ensures that deviations in consumption across all utilities are detected and acted upon early, avoiding any unnecessary cost.  In addition, the use of Carbon Desktop combined with site presence allows Arla and Verco to identify opportunities, prioritise actions and build business cases for the most attractive projects.

Short payback and high impact projects

There is an exciting schedule of projects planned for 2020 which deliver short payback and make a significant reduction to the site’s overall utility consumption.

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