Our ‘Use software to…’ webinars are designed to show you how your M&T software can help you achieve your business net zero goals.

There are four webinars in the series which explore the ways in which manufacturers can manage their direct and indirect emissions.

Webinar 1: Use software to unlock existing data streams for new insights.

This webinar explains how you can access data in order to produce information that will help your organisation achieve net zero. Shaun Croman, Lead Data Solutions Engineer, discusses how you can use software to connect bottom-up implementation with top-down net zero strategy, specifically unlocking existing data streams for new insights:

  • Starting from the process sensor level, understand the common data types and meters, with an overview of data collection in a typical factory.
  • Get a feel for the hardware and software tools a factory might typically use for gathering data.
  • Understand how to use your data for information, how data from different sources can be combined to improve processes and optimise your factory.

Companies around the world are taking action against climate change.  Your M&T software can help you do this. In these webinars we’ll be explaining how software can be used to tackle the challenge of net zero in manufacturing.

Find out more about the series and register to watch the webinars here

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