Justin Okpe, Senior Consultant at Verco supports manufacturing clients with providing data driven analysis, identifying energy and carbon reduction opportunities. In this article, he outlines how regression analysis supports accurate savings and helps set reduction targets.

Regression analysis

Regression analysis is a statistical method to understand the relationship between variables. It can be a valuable tool to help to plan ahead and set targets.

Energy management in practice

Utilities within manufacturing sites can be complex. A range of different factors can impact the ways a site consumes utilities. This can create a challenge with benchmarking improvements on the site if operations are constantly changing in the same timeframe.

An example where regression analysis could be useful on site:

Site consumption with a high electricity demand for cooling will vary based on ambient temperature across the year. This can also significantly change year to year, creating a risk with quantifying savings.

Regression analysis can be a powerful modelling tool 

Regression analysis can be a powerful modelling tool to benchmark changes independent of influencing factors. Energy consumption can be predicted by using regression analysis for energy management.

  • For example; a reduction target could be set as an expectation to save on consumption, whilst production levels increase, making achievement of these targets difficult.
  • Setting a target based on a regression model can account for operational changes while benchmarking the true impact of corrective actions completed by site.
  • This can also inform management of what is realistically achievable.

Carbon Desktop has an in-built regression tool

Developing regression models can be a time-consuming task and can require multiple iterations to achieve a robust model.  Carbon Desktop features an in-built regression tool that guides users by simplifying the process through visual prompts that can infer the quality of regression model. This works with other areas of the platform such as reporting, and it can be used to automate tracking of consumption against the dynamic target.

Verco can support with developing regression models through the Bureau Reporting service.

Find out more about our energy manager service here

Downloadable resources to help you

View our on-demand webinars:

  • Key fundamentals and considerations on regression analysis.
  • Step-by-step tutorial on how users can set up regression models in Carbon Desktop.

If you have any queries regarding Carbon Desktop, and would like to speak to a member of the team, please do contact us here: https://www.carbondesktop.com/contact/

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