Carbon Desktop will help you keep up with the pace against climate change, and reduce your costs.

Why now?

Companies around the world are taking action against climate change, updating their operations, systems and mindsets. Carbon desktop will help you keep up with the pace. One simple purchase will make a difference to your carbon footprint and your finances – a win-win. That’s why we’re an industry leading choice.

Used by a multitude of people around the world, Carbon Desktop allows you to work with your data, your way.

  • It can be used with the systems your company already has in place. We understand you won’t want to replace your hardware, so we developed a solution which optimises your hardware use and costs without significant additional investment.
  • Personalised tools allow you to monitor what’s relevant to you – again not wasting any costs on unnecessary reporting.

Examples of what Carbon Desktop has achieved for our clients

Companies can save thousands of pounds.

With our flexible system integration, you don’t have to purchase additional hardware, unlike other alternatives. However, it’s available if desired.

We’re proud to be a company who cares about our clients’ energy reduction; we use our years of knowledge and expertise to build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients, understanding and meeting their individual needs. A reason why we continue to work with our clients year after year.

Over £40,000 per year saved through optimised set-up of existing systems

A large Dairy company continues to save in excess of a projected £40,000 per annum, from site energy audits using Carbon Desktop.   

Carbon Desktop has allowed the site to identify and benchmark running costs of effluent blowers, then prioritise action to reduce consumption.  Actions which have been enabled by Carbon Desktop include: optimising the large effluent blowers, optimising probe locations and setpoints, leak identification and rectification, as well as motor maintenance. 

Companies all over the world are using Carbon desktop with their own systems and meters to quickly and efficiently reduce energy costs.

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£200k annual cost savings

A successful Danish food manufacturer achieved significant savings using Carbon Desktop to optimise their factory. They reduced site electricity consumption by an outstanding 19.5% in the first four months. This success equates to over £200k saved in annual utility costs.

The site had numerous energy saving initiatives but the main performance change was from building in automatic control of equipment.  This has achieved more than a 30% reduction in typical weekend and night-time consumption.  Being able to see the delivered savings through Carbon Desktop reporting has also given the team the hard data needed to verify these savings and their achievement.

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£160k per annum saved through tracking and monitoring with Carbon Desktop

Using Carbon Desktop on utility projects, a large business has saved approximately £160k per annum by achieving their ambitious utility saving goals with Carbon Desktop.  With minimal investment, they achieved a 50% water usage reduction and around 20% electricity saving. The main aspects of project delivery included refrigeration plant optimisation, optimised use of refrigerated space on site, air handling / conditioning, heating improvements and water reduction. These cost savings will be reinvested into the savings program to drive further projects that previously weren’t justified.

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Start monitoring with your pre-existing systems by signing up today, no obligation.

Read testimonials from some of our valued clients who have made great achievements using Carbon Desktop.

“We have been using Carbon Desktop for almost 7 years and it really is the heart of our efforts on reducing our environmental footprint. It is very difficult to imagine collating the data across our operating sites without it and the investment has paid for itself many times over.”

“Not only has this process delivered real financial benefit to the business, it has also provided an opportunity to up-skill my team. Seeing the savings delivered gives real satisfaction”.

Achieve the ambitious COP 26 targets with Carbon Desktop

The government has set out to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030; 4.5% a year.

However, this is not always easy to monitor or achieve. Carbon Desktop is here to support this reporting and reduction journey, whether you’re just starting out or have already been making savings for a number of years. Carbon Desktop is a critical ingredient to achieving results in line with the UK’s net zero target trajectory, both to report savings and drive the activities that deliver savings on the ground.

Misconceptions of using Carbon Desktop

Will I need to buy new meters to use Carbon Desktop?

Not necessarily, Carbon Desktop can successfully be used with existing meters and this approach is regularly taken by our customers to avoid significant unnecessary hardware costs.

Will I need to spend a lot of time on Carbon Desktop to get the benefits?

Carbon Desktop enables efficient energy monitoring with a number of automated tools to reduce the time required from you.

We also offer additional services to allow everything from a complete self-service platform to a fully managed program, with all options in between.

Many of our customers choose a selection of add-on services that ensure opportunities are identified and raised to to the site team without them having to spend a significant amount of time reviewing data themselves.

What is the ROI for sub-metering and Carbon Desktop and how do I create the business case?

If implemented correctly, any M&T system should be a net zero cost system. Where most programs fall short of this is down to the large upfront expense of new hardware and then insufficient time available to review data to identify opportunities to deliver savings.

A combination of our flexible data integration and modular add-on services means that the upfront cost is minimised while the savings impact is maximised, all in line with your available budget and existing team resource. Carbon Desktop succeeds where other systems fail.

Will setting up a reporting and reduction platform increase your business’s cost base?

Sustainable business is becoming the expectation of consumers and your supply chain partners.  This should facilitate business growth and success and should not be seen as a financial penalty. Reducing emissions and improving operational efficiency is here to stay and the data to drive this activity is critical.  Take action with tried and tested software, developed and updated over 16 years. At the same time, your business will reduce costs, carbon and waste.

Will the setup be time consuming and create factory down time?

Carbon Desktop’s turn-key mobilisation package mean all you need to do is simply say yes and we do the rest.

Once installed, system notifications save you considerable time by instantly notifying you of a performance drop which allows small issues to be caught quickly before they grow into major issues. Examples include leaks and performance degradation which, if caught early, can avoid significant additional cost and carbon.

How flexible really is Carbon Desktop?

Your data, Your way.

1. New meter points

Carbon Desktop gives you cost-effective options to collect a range of utility consumption data, including power quality data and peak flows.

2. Custom reporting

Carbon Desktop’s report builder allows you to easily create customized reports, dashboards and external display screens.

3. System notifications

With Carbon Desktop you can set up instant and scheduled system alerts to keep on top of performance and unusual trends.

4. Fiscal meters

Carbon Desktop can capture data from fiscal meter points across all of your utilities.

5. Existing systems

Carbon Desktop will capture data from your existing systems such as Building Management Systems and process control systems (SCADA).

6. MS Power Bi

Carbon Desktop integrates with Microsoft’s Power Bi advanced reporting platform giving you unrivalled reporting outputs.

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