Today Verco has launched a new software product: Reduct.

Reduct is the first of its kind mainstream AI-based solution for energy management. Data analysis and anomaly detection are fully automated.

Reduct sits alongside Carbon Desktop, tackling the specific challenges of capturing high frequency data at a systems level, pushing alerts out to the user as issues occur in real-time.

Reduct will:

  • Reduce your workload
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce carbon

Reduct does what all other systems need people to do:

Reduct was created to solve a huge industry challenge with energy management systems: The volume of data is growing but there is a decreasing resource to deal with this information. Opportunities are being missed because of the reliance on human data review. Reduct is different:

  • Machine learning alerts you when data deviates from ‘normal’.
  • AI turns data into meaning so you can take action on opportunities.
  • You no longer have to watch the data because Reduct is working for you (24/7 real-time).

Webinar: Become a Reduct Early Adopter.

Find out more about how you can take a limited place on our Early Adopters programme. This on-demand webinar is a chance to find out more about the platform, see results from our pilot trials, and learn about the Early Adopters Programme.

Request a recording of the webinar here

Visit for more information.

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