For a manufacturing business, with multiple sites, savings from our behaviour change work have equated to over £1m per year.

We have found that if teams are not focussed on improving energy use, energy saving objectives will not reach their full potential.

Carbon Desktop can very easily be used to highlight instances of where improvements can be made. For example:

  • Idling equipment left running that can be switched off.
  • Elevated consumption when equipment is not being sequenced optimally.

With our ‘Focus on Energy’ service, we work with your business to facilitate the cultural change needed. We use a suite of tried and tested activities such as engaging workshops which are pitched to the level of expertise and seniority of the attendees.

Benefits of ‘Focus on Energy’:

  • 5-10% utility cost reduction.
  • Maximise value from aM&T solutions.
  • Protect return on investment for capital projects.
  • Ensure the right-size plant.
  • Engagement, empowerment and wellbeing of staff.
  • Less investment than alternative solutions.
  • Continuous and sustained improvements.

Comment from a recent client:

‘I was impressed with the quality of delivery and outputs, and we have witnessed increased productivity and engagement from staff as a result. I would recommend Verco to other businesses.’
Jamie Weall, Head of Compliance at Aston Manor Cider.

For more information, contact Head of Deliver for Zero, Thanos Patsos

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